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Business Litigation

Our firm handles various litigated matters arising out of contractual relationships.  These include almost every contractual relationship in the business environment.  Our team has litigated commercial leases, construction contracts, construction subcontracts, partnership agreements, patent design contracts and all manner of contractual relationships.  We have litigated claims arising out of out of development partnerships, real estate transactions, broker agreements, commercial leases, and development agreements. We represent architects, engineers, subcontractors, general contractors and material suppliers in all aspects of construction litigation.   

No matter what type of issue you may be facing, locally or nationally, our attorneys are committed to helping you reach your business objectives. 

We approach each case from the business owner's perspective. We diligently seek cost-effective results that provide the greatest level of protection for our clients' specific interests. We work closely with you to learn about the legal issue at hand, and your expectations with regard to the outcome. We conduct a thorough analysis of your needs and develop a solution tailored to accommodate them.