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Our firm has extensive experience representing healthcare providers on healthcare regulatory, corporate, and litigation matters. We represent clients throughout the healthcare industry, including: hospitals, assisted living facilities, physicians and physician practice groups and other healthcare professionals. Our attorneys have conducted numerous internal audits and advised healthcare companies on compliance with federal and state fraud and abuse laws. We also have extensive experience representing healthcare entities and professionals regarding state board licensing, medical staff credentialing, and National Practitioner Data Bank and state reporting requirements. 


Our firm specializes in assisting healthcare providers navigate complex regulatory schemes such as the federal Anti-kickback Statute, the Stark Laws and the federal False Claims Act, HIPAA and many other federal and state-specific laws. We also conduct internal audits on behalf of our clients to uncover possible areas of noncompliance. 


Whether you are an individual or a large healthcare facility, the licensing process in New Mexico can be complicated and confusing. Healthcare providers from individual physicians to large assisted living facilities rely on our expertise to obtain licenses and remain compliant with the New Mexico Board of Medicine, the New Mexico Board of Nursing and other federal and state credentialing requirements. Our attorneys also represent licensees who are facing disciplinary actions and potential reporting to the National Practitioner Database. 


We provide experienced, hands-on representation for medical providers facing adverse legal actions. We assist our clients in a range of matters from contractual disputes to legal claims dealing with complex regulations such as the Stark Laws and the federal False Claims Act. 


Our attorneys make it their business to keep up with constantly evolving landscape of federal and state regulations. To assist our clients in these complex areas, we prepare advisory opinion requests seeking clarification on regulations, procedures, or policies to assist our client in avoiding adverse legal action. 


Relationships with vendors and physicians represent the lifeblood of medical practice offices and organization—as well as a potential source of adverse legal actions. We assist clients in drafting and reviewing physician agreements to ensure compliance with state and federal law.